Sep 19, 2016 · The original VT II SS might get looked down on for a slightly restrictive intake manifold and a reputation for piston slap, but they are one of the cheapest ways into LS ownership you can find, with the added benefit of 17-inch wheels, FE2 suspension, sports seats and a natty bodykit.
Concerning only LS1 Camaros, on a cold day with a cold engine, the pistons can make a slapping sound referred to as piston slap. This is normal and because there is a little bit of room in the...

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Piston slap is there forever, as it is a function of cold piston to cylinder wall clearance that is too high. Some people say that thicker oil will quiet it some, but it won't go away. Piston slap and lifter tick do not sound the same, so it is important for you to figure out which it is. Piston slap occurs when the engine is warming up and can ...
2001 Camaro ss with LS1 engine, has terrible piston slap that lasts for over 5 minutes, very loud, and has to be causing wear in the cylinders. This is a complaint that many owners seem to have but...

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The piston-to-wall clearance can be large enough so that the piston rocks from one side to another to cause the piston slap. Aluminum blocks tend to more easily succumb to this problem than others.
Though the LS1 is one of the best known examples of factory engines known for piston slap, it’s a common issue for many other high performance designs. Per Stothers, “Certain block designs will transmit the noise much easier than other blocks, and newer aluminum blocks are particularly susceptible.

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I have a 2004 LS1 with almost 40k miles - I do not get piston slap - guess issue was resolved. 5l in my wife's '01 Outback had major piston slap that would quiet after warm-up. Subaru covers this repair (due to faulty design and manufacturing) under warranty only if the sound stays even with the engine fully warmed up.
Jan 12, 2012 · ( SiKWiKD ) Hey all iv been doing some research on a 304 into a hq pano originally a 6 banger so i will need to do the full rwc iv have been search pages for days and i think i may have it all narrowed down just wondering if i have missed anything and can i use some things. Oh k so i have a Vn ss Complete Manual iv come to the conclusion the manual is going to be to hard so im going to change ...

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The noise of 'piston slap' often is louder when listening for it below the oil pan. Another common problem with the 2001-2006 5.3L engines was cracking cylinder heads. This is commonly called the 'Castech Head' failure on the internet.
The LS1 engines and its variants use the same process, as do the series III 3800 supercharged and nonsupercharged engines. I know it’s apples and oranges, but I helped a friend build a rear wheel drive firebird 3800 with two gt35r turbos, which made 870 whp at 28 psi and ran 8.80 at 156 in the ¼ mile.

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the problem you are referring to is normal, it is a product of the aluminum construction of the block and components, which expand more than normal under heat, meaning they need looser clearnaces, meaning while cold you may hear some piston slap. also with the oil problem, there is a known problem with the piston rings, and excessive blowby on all LS1s, i have personaly done one corvette, and my boss has done three so far. no camaros to date. the leaking oil seal is mostly vettes in my ...
Anyone can say they have a LS1 with pistons slap, but i can't seem to find one even in a used dealer lot with piston slap, found a 5.0L mercury & 5.0 explorer that had piston slap with only 100k miles, and that's a smaller piston. stop making stuff up, this doesn't exist real life, in larger numbers like the 5.0L in SUV's — Preceding unsigned ...

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Piston slap is caused when there's too much space between the piston and the cylinder wall. The piston moves up and down in the cylinder and the extra clearance results in a greater amount of rocking in the cylinder, producing a loud knocking noise.
A rocking piston wears rings and increases blow-bye. The close fit of the KB piston allows the piston rings to truly seal, minimizing blow-by. The design flexibility enjoyed by the KB series of pistons has an advantage over present day forging practices. The die for a forged piston must be designed so it can be easily removed.

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So about 3 months ago my ssv redline ls3 had a new motor put it in due to piston slap. 2000km later and I am hearing it again. At first I thought I was paranoid but after a couple of comments from other people and it well just getting to me, I booked it in to get looked at again. Piston...
Piston Tech: Inside JE Pistons ... Pin offset has long been used in production engines to combat piston slap and reduce noise. ... The 15° LS1 pistons are spec’d ...

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So sound isn't coming from the piston coming out of the bore at the bottom. usually slap is from excessive bore to piston clearance, or pistons that have skirts collapsed a bit. if the skirts collapsed you should see some smoking out exhaust, oil smell, or high rate of oil usage (burning it).
I have an '01 HD as well and the 6.0's are known for their piston slap at warm up. Anybody that bought one new probably recieved the letter for the class action law suit for this problem. My truck has 137,000 miles on it and so far so good. I met a guy with 250, 000 on his and he said it still ran strong.

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Feb 11, 2009 · Piston slap, though annoying, if it goes away when warm its not gonna hurt anything. Any thicker oil would have done the same, personally I think its just a coincidence that your slap kind of went away, because there is very little oil in the cyls when the engine is cold. The added weight of the oil took up the space.
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Found a 98 trans am 130k miles and the owner claims it has a bad knock and the engine needs since piston slap is common on ls1's and the owner will only let me start the car after I show him cash. What are the odds it may just need knock sensors vs about to throw a rod / spun...
Piston slap is there forever, as it is a function of cold piston to cylinder wall clearance that is too high. Some people say that thicker oil will quiet it some, but it won't go away. Piston slap and lifter tick do not sound the same, so it is important for you to figure out which it is. Piston slap occurs when the engine is warming up and can ...
According to forum member Micks, stocks of replacement rocker arms is not due to become available to dealers for retro-fitting until December 18. “GM Holden this week is directly contacting a small number of customers to advise them their new cars will require some minor after-sales rework at a Holden dealer of their choice ...

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